When in Prague: Top Three Places for Dining and Drinking

When in Prague: Top Three Places for Dining and Drinking
Japanese Ramen Bar


Starting out with one casual lunch alternative, this is one of the best spots to have some asian food between sightseeing and shopping. Simply because the restaurant is located near Old Town and easy to walk by. Asides, the Ramen and Noodles we had were amazing AND cheap. All in all, perfect for a break from all the beautiful impressions of Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, etc.


Duplex Rooftop Terrace


You know, Prague’s skyline isn’t something I would consider spectacular but if there is a point you cannot miss in terms of dining and drinking with a view, it’s Duplex. Besides, it is suitable for both having lunch and/or dinner. What’s sure is I had one of the best salads ever. There’s also a club attached to it but I wouldn’t recommend going there unless you like a “bachelor-party” kind of atmosphere.


The Mark Luxury Hotel


Last but not least, my favorite.
This beautifully designed hotel brings sophistication to another level! We spent our last evening in the luxury hotel The Mark (there’s also one in New York I can’t wait to visit) and had one of the most delicious dinner in their restaurant. Plus, cocktails in the lobby afterwards.
See, you wouldn’t expect the food Prague has to offer, to be as delicious as it actually was (at least I didn’t) but the over-all experience changed my opinion drastically. Both service and food was five stars out of five. So if you look for luxurious evening experience in Prague, go for it!



 rice risotto plus asparagus



 chocalat desert
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