Munich Streetstyle w/ Tory Burch Sweater, Fendi 3jours Bag and Overtheknee Boots

Looks & Stories Munich March 3, 2016 3 Comments

I got out of the packed, smelly train in a late, cool October night. A quite older woman rushed past me, but not without giving me that look. Bewildered. As if she was asking me something I couldn’t quite grasp at that time. Without giving it a further extrinsic thought (it was already tightening up my organs in a way…

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Munich Streetstyle: Blue, Brown & Black Mixup

Looks & Stories Munich February 1, 2016 2 Comments

Sometimes, as snow is fluttering, painting hundreds, thousands of quadrant meters into a dazzling shade of white, I start wondering what we, all of us, who simultaneously observe the spectacle from the very edges of our windows, have in common. What is it which drives us uniformly? Does something like that exist, anyway? Memories? Habits? Traits? Non, of this. Well,…

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Faux Fur & Stripes

Looks & Stories Munich January 10, 2016 2 Comments

Here’s the second look I build around my favorite Fendi monster accessory, this time much furrier (faux though) and totally en vogue if you believe in street styles spotted all over the world. Nonetheless, I suppose the aesthetics of this trend, namely wearing striped (colorful) fake-fur coats, are quite arguable but definitely a fun thing to do, making days much…

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