Five Steps For Flawless Layering

Five Steps For Flawless Layering


Why layer? 

By definition layering is like the art of blending different sized pieces of clothing together with ease. But  in winter especially some people might find it annoying to wear like a dozen coats of clothing for the sake of keeping themselves warm and snug at once. And as a result, see the concept of wrapping themselves up as a necessity rather than a way of giving your whole look a certain kind of edge. And that’s essentially what layering is all about from a creative point of view. Creating edge.

So without further ado, here’s my fashion advice that hopefully works as a creative framework for you guys and predetermines your looks to turn out beautifully!

1.Unless you’re an absolute fashion pro, avoid color-blocking, choose rather similar colors!
I guess this tip is self-explanatory since chances are that you go overboard and end up looking like a Christmas Cracker. Nevertheless, if you’ve got an eye for detail, nothing is wrong with choosing contrasting colors for your outfit.

2. Combine different length & materials for the maximum layering effect
For your layered look to turn out really edgy and create your own recognition value it is highly efficient to mix and merge various fabrics in diverging lengths.

3. Wear Heels.
Because you probably have lots of things going on up there (coats, knits, blouses) you need to make sure that your stunning physique still looks as slim as it really does. Whether you opt for overtheknee boots or pumps is up to your preference.
PS: Heard of lamp-shading, the trend of wearing a huge sweater with overtheknee boots, yet?

4. Move!
When taking pictures (or better: getting them taken) move as much as possible, giving them layers of your outfit the chance to rise and shine (metaphorically of course) and create the sense of floating, effortless chic, respectively.

5. Take pictures from as far below as possible.
In support of those already lofty heels you wear, this is an extra way to make you look slim and slender (this holds not true for your face which will look sort of pancake-y if you face the camera from a straight angle, trust me, I speak out of experience!)

I hope to have answered your questions about how to layer flawlessly to your satisfaction. Let me know what you think of the tips and my own layered look (see another one in this streetstyle-post)!








I was wearing:

Coat Zara
Dress Asos
Shirt Asos
Overtheknee Boots Asos
Bag 1 Fendi
Bag 2 H&M

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