Top Restaurants and Bars in NYC

Top Restaurants and Bars in NYC

I suppose that is the thing about New York. It is always a little more than you had hoped for. Each day, there, is definitely a new day.

Bodega Negra at Dream Hotel




Hot and trendy.
You’ll be surrounded by young, good-looking people, especially models. Located in Dream Hotel, Bodega places itself in the epicenter of fun, as most of nightlife happens Downtown (Clubs like Avenue, 1Oak, Boom Boom Room and TAO resident in this area). So perfectly convenient to go there having pre-party dinner. It is, though, a mexican restaurant, with a steamy, dark interior, including a whole wall of barrels, which looks simply crazy. Just as the piano IN (!) the wall behind the bar. As that wouldn’t be enough when it comes to craziness, the restaurant offers the most innovative chocolate dessert you’ll ever eat – Don Huevo. Disguised as a harmless chocolate ball with a mustache, the dessert unfolds itself like a baby flower seeing its first rays of sunlight as a waiter pours warm caramel creme over it – and pop – there is your “real” dessert right IN (!) it. But watch out – the cocktails are quite on the strong side!




For all women loving chic restaurants.
A super hyped restaurant in the middle of NYC (there are two, one Midtown, one Downtown). So, the crowd is quite business-like, nevertheless, when me and my friend went there, we enjoyed the atmosphere. I, personally, went in the one midtown and was amazed. The interior is an elegant mix of monochrome colors, mixed up with purple flower bouquets. Best time to go there is both for lunch and dinner. In case you’re wondering: STK is a steak-house, regardless, it offers lots of (delicious) vegetarian alternatives. I had a beet salad for main course and a spiced apple-layered cake for dessert, which both was AMAZING. Five stars out of five. And service, by the way, couldn’t have been more attentive. If you love this kind of restaurant, you will adore STK even though it is on the pricey side.


TAO Downtown



Breathtaking, oriental-themed restaurant with a huge buddha statue located right in the centre.
Crowd is quite young, though, you might spot a few celebrities. Once again, like STK, there are two different Tao restaurants in New York. One Midtown, one Downtown. We went in the one located downtown. Right when you enter, you’ll pass gigantic wooden doors and a wooden hallway before entering the steamy dark restaurant. Best time to go there: evening (as they serve most delicious cocktails; I even dare to say; I had the best one during my entire visit there).


The Monarch Room


Vain and royal.
If you have been watching “Gossip Girl” this kind of location will feel natural to you. Dark leather, chandeliers, elegance from head to toe. This restaurant does really live up to its name. Even though it is Downtown New York, it gives you the vibes of the Upper East Side. Blair Waldorf at heart. As a matter of fact, it was quite the coincidence, that I came to visit this one.
It actually wasn’t on my radar before. If you want to learn about the whole story, read on.
A few nights before visiting The Monarch Room, my friend and I went to the movies on the Upper West Side ( as our apartment was in this district ) and were invited to the World Premiere of „Chappie – The Movie“ ( starring: Hugh Jackman, one of my all-time favorite actors! ) Unfortunetely, he left before we got a chance to chat with him ( we think he just attended red carpet and skipped the movie itself! ), which was, as you surely can imagine, a huge disappointment for us. After the premiere itself, we were invited to after party, which was quite exciting since we got into a private bus, not knowing were it was headed, driving all around New York City. However, we ended at TMR, and had a lovely night meeting Def Patel ( Slum Dog Millionaire ) and Sigourney Weaver ( Alien ) who were also starring in the movie.
Food was amazing, though, so if you want to experience the Blair Waldorf vibe yourself, don’t miss this jewel of a restaurant.


Spring Natural


Best for lunch.
For one, a totally unpretentious, cute restaurant. We went there after a day-long shopping trip in SoHo and had a super delicious quinoa salad.
Like the name itself suggests, this one offers lots of healthy meals.


The Smith


Breakfast and early lunch tip! A perfect place to calm down after a night of partying.
Like Spring Natural they’ve got a maybe even better quinoa salad on their menu.
Breakfast alternatives: Expresso + Ciabatta!
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