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Santorini Streetstyle w/ Zara Culottes and Chloe Faye Bag

Looks & Stories Santorini August 18, 2016 2 Comments

When you think of Santorini, usually pictures of winter-white churches topped with blue domes pop up in your head. Not to forget about the deep blue ocean who contrasts itself against the many pastel cavities. And this, of course, makes the island so cherishable in terms of architecture and the certain vibe you get incorporating land and sea. When we…

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Quick Tip: Three Things To See In Salzburg, Austria Plus What I Wore

Salzburg Travel November 20, 2015 0 Comments

1. “Getreidegasse” the “High Street” of Salzburg where you’ll find brands like H&M, Zara & co. 2. For fans of classical music: the birthplace of pianist “Mozart” located right in “Getreidegasse” mentioned above. 3. Carpe Diem Fine Finger Food Big surprise. After I’ve been to NYC and visited super chic and creative restaurants, I’ve never found something comparable in Germany.…

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Caribbean Beaches X Triangl Swimwear

Aruba September 15, 2015 0 Comments

  Beaches, there’s something melancholic about them, isn’t it? Or why is it that water has such a dragging impact on ourselves? Whenever we’re in need of vacation, rest, we tend to go back to them. The Oceans. Isn’t it ironic, too, that they make us a restless mess until we finally get back to them, who soothe us, calm…

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Paris Guide: Personal Top Three Tips

Paris September 15, 2015 1 Comments

1. Shakespeare and Company at Notre Dame I suppose questions like: “What is your favorite memory?” may reveal hell of a lot about one person. Now, I want to share one of my treasured recalling which happens to have happened in Paris. Truth is, it doesn’t need much for a memorable moment to be created. Simplicity is key to beauty.…

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