Paris Guide: Personal Top Three Tips

Paris Guide: Personal Top Three Tips

1. Shakespeare and Company at Notre Dame

I suppose questions like: “What is your favorite memory?” may reveal hell of a lot about one person. Now, I want to share one of my treasured recalling which happens to have happened in Paris.
Truth is, it doesn’t need much for a memorable moment to be created. Simplicity is key to beauty.
Situation was: I was strolling along River Seine after being to my favorite book store at Notre Dame “Shakespeare & Company” that is one of my secret travel tips when visiting the city of love. Under my arm, I held my new bought book of my favorite author who I worship and who initially inspired this blog’s name. F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Sun was about to set, painting the sky and Paris’ buildings in pretty pastel colors while the last rays sunlight glittered on Seine.
I knew: this was a moment that wouldn’t be easily recreated.

2. Pont des Artes IMG_0342

This place literally did channel love with its hundreds or even thousands of love vows in form of locks around the bridge’s framework. Sadly, they took the locks off after a part of the framework broke in summer 2014. But even if these little pieces of art were removed, Paris lost non of its magical vibes.

3. Ladurée at Champs-Elysée



A super secret travel advice? Definitely not. Nevertheless an experience you shouldn’t miss while visiting the city of love. I mean, who says “no” to eating some decadent pralinées while wandering along the most expensive shopping street in Paris?

And now, let’s go somewhere else…


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