How To: Make Overknees Wearable for the Office

How To: Make Overknees Wearable for the Office


In my point of view fashion is wearable art. Neither plain nor pale.
Every single piece tells a story whether cut or color and it is our job to put the tale together. Which makes every one of us an artist on a daily basis.
Consequently, there’s the constant question of what to wear which sometimes is a tough one.
Thing is, like in every state of life, you’ll have to find the equilibrium. The balance between too much and too less.

This look, though, seems perfectly balanced for both a day at university or the office, doesn’t it? The secret behind this one and almost all of well-rounded looks really is not to combine too much colors or show too much skin, especially if you’re up to something unspectacular.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of bold looks (if you didn’t already tell since I really like transparent looks like this or this one), but if you want to get the most out of your outfits you mostly have to wait until the perfect event for wearing it occurs. Nevertheless, bare in mind: the longer you wait, the better it gets!






I was wearing

Leather Jacket Zara
Burgundy Coat Zara
Longblouse Missguided
Overknees via Zalando
Bag Michael Kors

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