7 Beach Essentials That Will Make You Dream

7 Beach Essentials That Will Make You Dream


Beach season is about to begin which means we get to ponder about what to wear during our vacation. I guess nobody’s going to argue against the fact that the seventies have a huge revival this summer whether it be for flared sleeves or Chloe’s Faye. The most beach appropriate seventies style seems to be off-shoulder, though, which is my first tip for you guys.

1. Wear Off-Shoulder.
Obviously breezy off-shoulder shirts won’t make you sweat at the beach but what’s not to be underestimated about them is they expose the part of our body that tans quickly, so even if you’re not someone who gets super tanned during summer, an off-shoulder shirt will probably flatter you.

2. As for the choice of color: White is the one to go with
Being purely pragmatic here considering the amounts of water that could possibly get spilled all over you at the beach. Of course, baby blue or other sorbet colors fit great into the sandy setting, too, but if water gets on your colored clothes, it’s likely to be seen more than on white.

3. All about the coconut
They not just make a nice eye-catcher for a photo but also taste yummy as hell. For all adults among us, most beach bars offer alcoholic drinks in a coconut, too, and what is there more enjoyable on earth than Batida de Coco at the beach…

4. A big, big hat
Because you don’t want to burn your scalp nor not looking classy.

5. Shiny shades
To read a book or hide your blinded eyes on a photo, a pair of fab sunnies is another beach accessory to go with.

6. Last but not least: the ultimate beach accessory
I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere. It is probably the cutest and funniest (and most huge) beach accessory that is trending right now: Inflatable animals and fruits!
Instead of tanning on a boring mattress we made for a nice change while bringing along our flamingos (check out my inflatable beach adventure here soon) or watermelons.

Oh…I forgot. There is one more thing you don’t want to miss out on:

7. The choker
I admit it, this one isn’t just a beach essential but generally unmissable.









I was wearing:

Asos Beach Dress
Missguided Sandals
Asos Choker
Quay Sunnies
Zara Hat (see another look featuring this one here)

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